Hi Peachwear people. I am Emily (@emilychfitness), one of Peachwears OG ambassador’s!

I support PWA by testing every prototype before it goes on sale for you lovely people!

I am a training Personal Trainer currently working in a gym in Bradford. My business goal is to build up my own Personal Trainer and fitness brand.

The gym is my main hobby and I spend way too much time there 😂. The gym for me is my escape, and for that time I’m training, I’m not thinking about anything else, and that feeling when you hit a PersonBest is unmatched!

Quads are my favourite muscle to train but I do love back and shoulders too! Out of the gym I absolutely love going out for drinks with my friends, and going to concerts and going out to eat allllll the food🥳.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know me a bit more, and hope you all have a lovely day. 

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Hi, I'm Emily Jayne (@mlyjynefitness), I'm Yorkshire born and bred. Im super into synthwave music and anything cyberpunk. Im pretty much covered head to toe in tattoos and I'm a sucker for true crim. I've always been interested in health & fitness.

I used to dance from the age of 3 right up until 18 and still have a passion for dance. After I stopped I put on a little weight and was always super self conscious on how I looked. I've tried many different diets and exercises but only recently found the perfect balance since I got an coach. She has helped me so much through lockdown and I've lost nearly 2 stone! I haven’t felt this comfortable in my skin in years.

Its amazing what that little extra help can do! Peachwear Athletics have also given me that confidence to feel comfortable in workout wear and I honestly couldn't recommend their gym gear any more already! 

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Hi I’m Holly, @hollywalpole.x and I’m one of @peachwearathletics ambassadors.

I’ll start by saying my favourite food, which everyone knows me for being obsessed with, is pineapple on pizza! I also love my music, rap, grim and bassline (can be quite a chav with my music taste).

When I was very little I was the clumsiest kid ever so my mum made me start gymnastics, I then ended up competing and just quit over a year ago now. When I stopped gymnastics, which was my main source of exercise, I knew I never wanted to not be doing something for it and so I went straight into training at the gym and I absolutely love it. Not only can I achieve my own goals for my appearance it really is just the highlight of my day. When lockdown happened and gyms closed we bought a multi-gym set for home and so I’ve continued training the whole time throughout!

I was mainly training in old gymnastic kit (training tops and other branded shorts) but when I joined peach wear athletics it opened a whole new wardrobe for me and they’re so comfy and perfect for gym or any exercise!

Now you’ve learnt a little about me go buy yourself some amazing gym wear from @peachwearathletics and 100% try pineapple on pizza for yourself whilst you’re at it😊

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Hi there, I’m Laura from Dublin, Ireland. My parents are German & I grew up bilingually in Dublin 🍀
I work as an events manager for a hotel group; planning weddings & events which can be quite stressful at times so fitness is definitely a release for me!
Keeping fit & having fun whilst working out have always been a passion of mine - I have a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and have trained in the sport since I was 10 years old!
Absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Peach Wear Athletics - adore the comfortable fit, uplifting colours & seamless fit of the gym wear - makes working out fun 🍑💙